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                My favourite festival
                发布时间:2017-06-12 21:48:49游艇会网上娱乐平台005yth.com
                    My favourite festival

                I like Spring Festival. It's my favourite festival, We always have a lot of fun.
                At this festival, People usually get together with their families, then they will clean their house, After that, they also visit their relatives. The old people like to give the children lucky money very much. We are happy!
                In the evening, people usually prepare a big dinner. What do we eat? We eat dumplings and some meat and many healthy vegetable, Some people drink wine.
                After dinner, people are in the living room now. They will watch the Spring Festival Gala, It's too interesting!
                At night, we will touch off the firecracker. It's sonorous. Then, people all have a good time to sleep.
                On the second day, we eat many Glutinous Rice Balls. Our tripes are full!
                I love Spring Festival. It's interesting and fortunate. It's as merry as Children's Day, We are happy as can be!
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